Arial Photography

I don’t know how many people actually enjoy taking selfies, but I’m sure it’s countless. For some taking a picture of everything is possible, for most they can’t seem to grasp how to. On this review I’m going to talk about a great product for arial photography. Drones. I can hear some of you now, “Arial photography with Drones?” Yes.

If you find the right Drone they will have a camera on them, but even then they could run you $800+ to get one with a high quality camera. Well, I have found one with a high quality camera that’s actually perfect for arial photography. You can see your neighborhood in real time, and control this drone with your smartphone. Usually this product runs you about $1200 but I’ve actually found one for less than  $500. It works just as great, the camera is an HD camera, it even has a GPS! Think about that, less than $500 for that.

Whether you are into arial photography or not, if you just like taking selfies but want to capture yourself from far away you can do that, with a replaceable camera you can also make a video, again all while controlling this from your phone. So arial photography or not, this product is a steal for everyone.

Click the link, at this price it really is a great deal. Everyone loves to save money, so do so do by clicking the link. I don’t regret purchasing mine, you won’t either.


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